LMCo. Home Signature Christmas Ornaments

Since the re-opening of the historic Laurel Mercantile Co. in 2016, there have been many first for our company, but one thing that quickly became an important tradition was our yearly commemorative ornaments! We partnered with a company in Virginia that successfully transforms our visions and designs into beautiful wooden ornaments. Each year, we unveil a new ornament that has significant meaning to us or pays homage to history in the City Beautiful. 

Lindsey Wagon Ornament 

Laurel is known for our history in lumber. Our founding families were wealthy lumber barons that moved here from Iowa.. they transformed the industry and Laurel went on to be known as the yellow pine capital of the world, as they were producing more lumber than anywhere else in the world. John Lindsey invented a wagon that revolutionized the industry. Our 2016 ornament was designed to replicate the historic Lindsey Wagon and to commemorate Laurel's founders and celebrate the industry that made our town what it is today. 

Big's Truck Ornament 

For the 2017 Laurel Mercantile commemorative ornament, what better tribute than a tiny version of Big Ben's 1962 Chevy bringing home a Christmas tree. After all, he is the biggest Christmas lover we've ever met. And not just because he's 6'6".

Pancake Day Ornament

A historic tradition dating back 60 years ago is our annual Pancake Day. Every year, on the first Saturday in December, folks gather at the YWCO in downtown Laurel for fresh, homemade pancakes and sausage. Pancake Day is followed by Mississippi's largest Christmas Parade right here in downtown Laurel- it's the most magical day.  It only seemed appropriate to design an ornament to commemorate one of our favorite days of the year. 

Scotsman Wooden Hammer Ornament 

Our 2018 ornament was designed with our Heirloom Estwing Hammer in mind. It was one of the first products that our company offered from the time our doors opened. It sets the tone for the type of products we wanted to offer - heirlooms that were meant to be respected, used for years, and then passed down. 

Pine Cone Ornament 

Loblolly pine trees consumed the area making Laurel prime real estate for lumber barons to plant their roots. By the 1920s, Laurel was shipping more yellow pine than any other location in the world and was even called the yellow pine capital of the world. Our 2019 commemorative ornament was designed to resemble a pine cone, much like the ones that come from our historic loblolly pines.

This year, Laurel Main Street is hosting Laurel's first ever New Years event, Downtown Countdown. This years ornament also coincides with the pine cone drop that will take place as we ring in the new year. 

This year, bring home a piece of Laurel with one of our American-made, wooden ornaments.