Lott Furniture Co. & LMCo. Home |The Scotsman American Heirloom Showroom

In 1917, Reuben Lott opened a small furniture store on Front Street in downtown Laurel, Mississippi, and so began the history of Lott Furniture Co. Mr. Lott worked tirelessly to grow his business. He carefully acquired several dedicated employees that would go on to help him with the growth of business. Mr. Lott boasted about the importance of creating relationships with his customers and creating unique traditions that would allow him to keep those customer relationships at the forefront of his business. During the 1970s, Nellie Rowell, a long-time dedicated employee of fifty-eight years, gained sole ownership over Lott Furniture, and with the help of her two sons, Bobby and Rodney, they continued to pursue the legacy that Mr. Reuben strived so hard to achieve. One-hundred and two years later, Lott Furniture Co. still stands exactly where it did from the first day it opened its doors back in October of 1917.

To date, Nellie’s son, Rodney Rowell remains the owner of Lott Furniture Co. With the help of his wife Angie, their daughter Keri, and his two sisters, Candy and Patsy, the legacy of Mr. Lott actively remains at 320 Front Street. Rodney and his family themselves have experienced the peaks and valleys that our downtown has seen. Even then, they remained faithful to Mr. Lott’s vision. As Laurel began its rebirth, Rodney and his family worked tirelessly to bring their store along. Even though their store has experienced some change over the years, the Rowell’s have remained to keep as many traditions that Mr. Lott instilled within his business from the very beginning. They use the history of this iconic store as their inspiration to push forward in hopes that one-hundred years from now, this business will still be flourishing. 

We appreciate folks like Rodney. Folks that are genuinely passionate about the growth and development of their community. He has experienced Laurel in times that none of us could imagine, but always remained dedicated to her and to his business at Lott Furniture Co. At the end of the day, he just wants to see Laurel shine, and he is committed to help contribute to that in any way possible. 

In 2018, we partnered with Vaughan-Bassett, a furniture manufacturer in Galax, Virigina. It was important for us to keep manufacturing in America because small towns just like ours depend on it. Vaughan Bassett employees over 700 American craftsman and are committed to their own small town. They embody a vision that is so important to us - promoting and implementing American manufacturing as well as producing high quality goods that are built to last. | Visit our youtube channel here to learn more about our partnership with Vaughan-Bassett and why it's so important for us to offer products that are designed and built in America. 

When our company was getting ready to launch our LMCo. Home and Scotsman American Heirloom furniture lines with Vaughan-Bassett, it was no question to have our friends at Lott Furniture Co. be the home of our showroom here in downtown Laurel. It was important to us to find dealers that that valued the importance of keeping manufacturing/jobs here in America, that were committed to their hometowns, and that took risks by opening businesses all in hopes of restoring their own small towns.

There wasn’t a business that depicted that more than Lott Furniture Co. Now, when you visit Laurel, you will be able to shop and visit our showroom that proudly sits in Laurel’s most historic business, Lott Furniture Co. 

Visit our website here to find a dealer near you or visit Lott Furniture Co. on Front Street in downtown Laurel for an up close look at our latest Bungalow Collection.