Made in the U.S.A.

Soon after the beginning of this TV adventure, an overseas furniture manufacturer reached out to us about creating a Scotsman Co. furniture line. The offer was more money than we ever could have imagined in our lifetime, more than our families could ever imagine. We said “thank you, but no thank you” without hesitation. Because here’s the thing. If we are going to be serious about revitalizing small town America, we have to be serious about making things in America to keep our hometowns and their work force strong. An American-made furniture manufacturing deal was Ben’s dream, and he wanted to hold out for a company that aligned with our values. He went to high school in Rockingham County, North Carolina, near the Virginia state line. His family would spend Saturdays exploring the Blue Ridge mountains, getting fresh apples from roadside stands, and learning about the furniture towns of southwest Virginia. On HGTV, we talk about revitalizing small town America. So when that deal was offered to us, Ben had no trouble saying "no" because he remembered those factory towns he’d explored. To drive through a town that has lost its industry is heartbreaking. Laurel is still here because of the jobs and industry that are here. Today we’re proud to announce our partnership with Vaughan-Bassett. One of America’s last solid wood furniture manufacturers, who have been making millions of affordable heirloom pieces since 1919, keeping their small town, Galax, Virginia, prospering.

The Scotsman and Laurel Mercantile furniture lines will be antique-inspired, designed by us, and made right here in the U.S. from Virginia hardwoods, and every time a tree is cut to build your beds or tables, another one is planted to replace it. Teaming up with Vaughan-Bassett is something Ben has been actively working toward for two years, but it goes back to riding through Virginia in a Suburban with his family in the fall of 1999. We're excited to be able to design and build sustainable furniture with one of America’s last great factories. You can find our lines in stores across America January 2019!