Meet Helen's New Puppy, "New Baker"

If you've been a reader of this online journal for a few years, most specifically the Make Something Good Today era, you know that Erin and Ben are huge dog lovers. We mean that literally. Like their Great Pyrenees duo, Baker and Chevy, were massive. They had adopted Baker first, and his brother, Chevy, came along later.

Baker and Chevy became the best of friends. The Napiers and the boys spent their early years galavanting through the historic neighborhoods together and even jumping into the Arabian Theatre fountain on a hot day.

Eventually, these fluffy pups became old dogs together. Chevy's health began to decline, and he passed away leaving behind Baker and the big backyard to his lonesome. Though he wasn't a young dog anymore, his best days were far from over. 

Little did he know, January 3, 2018, would be his lucky day. Helen Napier was born. She would be his very best friend, and they would play in the backyard. Helen would roll all over his fluffy white fur, and he would delightfully let her tug his ears. Even in his old age, he was the best of boys.

Last year, Baker played with Helen for the last time and peacefully passed away. Helen was devastated to say goodbye, and ever since then, there's been a Baker-sized hole in her heart.


Erin said in her caption of the video, "Our dog Baker passed last July and anytime Helen gets tired and emotional, oh she crushes us!"

They decided to get Helen a new "animal friend," and they surprised her on their farm with New Baker. 

Call us a little cheesy, but we wouldn't be surprised if Baker is looking down and shining with pride that his best friend finally has another furry best friend to call her own now. Here's to new beginnings and New Baker!