Our Newest Shop: The Scent Library

Introducing Erin and Ben’s newest completed project, The Scent Library, now open!


The Scent Library is the new home for the candles that we have all come to know and love. When Erin first had the idea of creating candles from her own personal memories, she had no idea that there would one day be a whole 2,400 square foot building filled with her treasured memories.

The Inspiration and Stories

This new candle store is an ode to Erin's nostalgic nature and love for specific scent memories. She explains, "I have a sensitive nose and strong attachments to scents, memories, and people. For instance, I can remember exactly what my mother's perfume smelled like in 1991 when I was six years old. I guess that's the earliest memory that I have."

Erin dreamed of opening a space dedicated to her growing candle line that would offer a memorable experience for nostalgic folks like herself.

With a love for restoration and our growing scent line, this new space will be the perfect place for Home Town fans to explore Erin's world and her scent memories. Perhaps, make a few new memories of their own.

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The Design

When Erin and her team were just beginning to conceptualize the Scent Library she knew that she wanted to pay homage to the original building’s Art Deco history. Everything from the floor-to-ceiling library bookcases, the leather sofas, and the building’s refurbishment allow you to step back in time and experience what it would be like to walk into a library 100 years ago.

Fun Fact: the original window display lights still worked when they turned them on for the first time!

The Library Card

Because this special shop is more than just a place to buy candles or soap, every shopper gets their own library card to make notes and carry with them. It’s all part of the experience! You can note what scents remind you of a special place or person in your childhood or what scent you’d like in the upcoming season.

Scent memories can remind us of our life's greatest moments, even the memories that might have been insignificant but mean the world to us now.

The One That Started It All

The very first candle that Erin created was the Laurel Candle. It perfectly captured the essence of our hometown based on the sweet olive plant that grows all down Fifth Avenue. This scent is particularly special because it opened up a world of possibilities and represents the revitalization of our special city.

Fun Fact: Erin overnighted a piece of the sweet olive blossom to the candlemakers to be sure that they got it right!

Bring It Home

The Scent Library officially opens on November 6, 2022. Make plans to visit our hometown and this special “scent-imental” shop during the Holiday season! For those who can’t make it down South to visit the Scent Library in person, you can purchase candles, soaps, room sprays, and tote bags on our online shop.

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Read more about the original building and see some “before” pictures here. Expect to see the ribbon cutting and other special details in an upcoming episode in Season 6!

We can’t wait for you to create your own scent memories!