Seven Days

7 days until season 3 is here! Monday, January 14 @ 9|8 ct! I’m going to be sharing favorite photos from seasons past all week. This is Bill and Jody's home. When we began, vines were growing through the windows into the crown moulding, the brown shag carpet was molded and damp, but safely protecting century-old heart pine floors. Trash and Christmas decorations were piled waist high in the study and the kitchen was covered in a heavy layer of grease, rotten vinyl, flaking linoleum and scattering roaches only total demo could resolve. Since our homeowner is also one of the architects for the show, we had to make sure it was worthy of his eye for design when we were finished, to make a shingle style home feel like it could belong to Southerners on the New England coast. Nailed it. #hgtvhometown@hgtv