Skip the Hotels: The Most Charming Places to Stay in Laurel, MS

There's lots of things for us Laurelites to be proud of, and hospitality and charm are at the top of the list. What's the best way to be hospitable? To host guests, of course! Most visitors will choose to stay in hotels, but we have a better idea.


Make Your Laurel Experience Unique

Why stay in a hotel, when you could stay in a one-of-a-kind BnB?
There's many perks to this, including saving money.

Not only can you save money and walk right to all of your favorite Downtown Laurel destinations, but also make some long-lasting memories living like a local.

Frank & Flora: The Laurel Cottages

These sweet little cottages are in the heart of the historic district, and are decorated perfectly for a comfy, cozy stay.

They have all the amenities you need, and are just minutes from Downtown! We recommend taking a walk around the neighborhood while you're here. The historic homes are a must see!

I mean, have you ever seen any hotels that look like this?

Local Tip: These cottages are owned and decorated by Mallorie Rasberry. She's the brains behind the great store design and product procurement at Laurel Mercantile Co.!
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Putting the final touches on the first won’t be long now. 😌 @airbnb

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Let that sink in 😌

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Wisteria Bed & Breakfast Wisteria is Laurel's oldest BnB, and has been a staple of the Historic District for years. We love this place for its history and its amazing location on 5th Ave. Stay here with Peggy, the owner, and have some great breakfast and conversation!


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New love: bed and breakfasts. Front porch sitting with my @katietgiust.

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Sweet Somethings Bed & Breakfast This BnB is above a bakery, and that means that you're just steps away from all kinds of delicious desserts and ice cream. Bad idea or good idea? This BnB is located on Central Ave. right in the Downtown area, and very close to several restaurants and shops. Local Tip: Grab breakfast first thing downstairs in the bakery while it's still hot. The cinnamon rolls and sticky buns are famous around here.


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There are many other local BnB's to stay at in town. These are just a few of our favorites!