Mallorie's Simple Summer Table

Y'all know we love a good porch party...and summertime is the perfect season to get together with family and friends. These gatherings don't have to be elaborate - I love finding ways to make hosting easy and casual while also creating the look I'm going for without breaking the bank. Summertime is just around the corner so I wanted to create 4 quick, easy and inexpensive table settings ideas!
What I loved the most about these combinations is that they all encourage creativity - feel free to mix and match, change up the color combinations...make it yours with what you already have. You'll see that we used a lot of the same elements in each idea....most of which are available here at Laurel Mercantile!


Watermelon Patch
Is there anything more "summer" than a big slice of watermelon? This one is all about layers and colors. Paper place mats and runner make this a quick and easy clean up as well!
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy
I could almost taste the lemonade when I was putting this one together. Lemons are so classic and versatile - you can pair this with white and black accents or cobalt blues....anything goes with this one!
No Guilt Quilt
We came across an unfinished quilt top and used it to create placemats - a great way to re-purpose these beautiful works of art! The colors are so fun and playful - a great way to add texture to any summer table. 
Crawfish/Lobster/Low Country Boil
 Paper products are key to any kind of seafood boil - easy and quick clean ups! We really had fun with the reds and blues with this one and let the food play the main role in the the overall design. 
I think I speak for most people when I say that we occasionally find ourselves choosing what looks pretty over what is practical. I always try to focus my design choices to achieve both. At the end of the day, creating memories with my family is what's most important to me so when I discover tips that are quick and fun while still looking great, I'm hooked!