#2,484 Framily Supper + Vol. 2.

It’s been so long since we all had a night to get together for supper and it felt good to catch up on Mercantile plans beside Josh and Emily’s fire, snapping and crackling while Billie Holiday provided the soundtrack.  Cold weather is a welcome guest around here. I’m also really excited to tell y’all Laurel Mercantile Family Recipes and Stories Vol. 2 is available now! My mom wrote lots of short... Read More

#2,476 Birthday Day + Mimmo’s.

Today was magical, beginning to end.  I’m so tired from having fun from sun up to sun down whilst growing a baby girl, so I will let the pictures tell you the story of the day we went to Sam’s 3rd birthday party at Josh and Em’s when it was brisk and smelled like logs on the fire : Then Walker’s Star Wars 4th birthday party at my brother’s house where mama and I happened to be accidental twins... Read More

#2,450 Season 2 is Coming!

We’ve been sitting on so many secrets lately, I know, but this one is almost as good as yesterday’s. We’ve been filming non stop since July 31 and we will wrap in December, because we’ll have the whole gang back together on your TV… When Home Town season 2 premieres on HGTV January 8, 2018! We’re moving to Monday nights, so set a reminder on your calendar!     Read More

#2,398 The Pearl.

Even though downtown Laurel’s new Pearl Diner is a few weeks away from opening, we got a tiny sneak peek this afternoon (and a taste test!) to tide us over while they test the kitchen equipment. That’s just a perk of being framily with the investor behind the joint. We’re all so proud of how much Josh has accomplished all over downtown, but this will be the accomplishment that makes all our pants... Read More

#2,346 Mobile Field Trip.

We took a day trip down to Mobile with the framily to buy some architectural salvage for the ridiculous number of projects we all have going on right now. We came away with 3 antique pine and teak chests for the bathroom and bedroom + Carrara mosaic tile flooring for the bathroom at half the cost we were originally going to have to pay before we found this close out stock. Of course if we’re... Read More

#2,277 Celebrating.

We got some very good news today and we celebrated it with our friends under the stars with a cool breeze and good food and Charlie Daniels on the radio. I can’t wait to tell you about it, but we can’t quite yet.  Read More

#2,648 Framily.

Let me tell you what I’m thankful for today. I’m thankful for our 4 dearest friends who are our family, advisors, mentors, defenders, encouragers and helpmates. Without them, the Mercantile would be impossible and I would be a mess. They’re my rocks, these goobers. And I hope and pray every person reading these words has a tribe of their own just like that. We couldn’t make it without Jim, Mal,... Read More

#2,623 Sunday Suppers.

On Sunday mornings for the last several weeks, Jim texts our little framily and tells us what his menu for the night will be and we make our plans for Sunday Supper at their house. He’s the best cook I know, always making gourmet burgers or lamb or quesadillas, and tonight he really brought his A-game. I guess I’m gonna clear my schedule for Sunday nights indefinitely because I’m feeling a... Read More

#2,554 My Tribe + Cloud Bed.

I’m a little bit shy. Maybe you already knew that from reading here, if you’ve been visiting for any amount of time. And maybe I wouldn’t say it’s shyness exactly, but talking to people I don’t know very well takes every ounce of my energy. And I’m able to seem normal (I hope–It feels like I’m doing a good job at it at the time!) and carry on with chit chat at a party, but inside I’m scrambling to... Read More

#2,551 Mimmo’s.

We actually left the magic of downtown Laurel for a little while tonight… To make the 45 minute drive to Quitman for dinner at Mimmo’s with this bunch and the Pickerings to celebrate Emily’s birthday! Seriously, if you can drive to Quitman and you haven’t yet… Make time to do this ASAP. It’s such incredible Italian. The last time we went, we met people who drove from 3 hours away just to eat... Read More