The Arledge-Walton House

When Wes and Alex got the opportunity to move into her grandmother’s beloved home, they jumped on it! The 4,000 square ft, 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home tucked away in downtown Laurel, MS was the right choice for these two newlyweds as they start their lives together planting their own roots in this legacy home. 

Photo by Summer Austin Photography

Alex is a local girl. Her great-great-grandparents moved to Laurel and opened the city’s first florist and nursery. They’re also responsible for planting the incredible live oaks that line the downtown avenues - what an incredible gift to our city! 

Erin and Ben were excited for another opportunity to renovate another well-loved (and well-built!) home here in Laurel but had to adhere to Grandma Beckman’s specific rules for the house.

Grandma’s rules: The formal living and dining rooms had to stay formal and the family heirloom painting had to stay in the house. 

Both Erin and Ben and Wes and Alex were happy to comply with Grandma’s rules. Erin honored Alex’s grandmother's wishes with her design choices, but also managed to make it feel like Alex and Wes. Alex says, “I love the formal living room, a lot of her furniture pieces are still in there, it relates back to what it was.”

The biggest transformation in the house was the kitchen. With a larger cased opening to the informal living room, a huge 10-foot island, and new cabinetry, this is a dream kitchen for anyone who loves to cook or bake – which they both do! 

Wes said, “having that whole space opened up has been incredible! She loves to bake and I  love to cook and make coffee, so it’s almost like a playground for us.”

Where there are a lot of special touches in the home, one of the most special projects was the custom coffee bar made from wood from Wes’ great-grandfather’s dairy farm.

It was especially delightful to see Wes’ reaction to the coffee bar and espresso machine.  Erin said that she wasn’t sure if Wes actually saw the kitchen or not he was so fixated on the coffee bar! 


Ben also made a custom terrarium coffee table from one single piece of Cypress. With Alex’s green thumb and love of plants, she’ll enjoy the outside brought inside with this unique piece. 

We have no doubt that Wes and Alex will love this home and make many beautiful memories while establishing their own roots here in the City Beautiful!

A house is more than just a place to live, it’s a legacy.


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