The Combe House

From beautiful Belize, to beautiful Laurel. We're so glad you're here, John! 
" I have met some great, kind, nice, and helpful people in Laurel. My future in Laurel will be peaceful and quiet with lots of time by the pool.”
John Combe is a retired veteran who was looking for a quaint, yet spacious, and relaxing home in a place that would be a great summer home for him. He was thoroughly intrigued by Laurel and its beautiful charm. When he found this incredible ranch style home tucked away in the historic district, he knew that this would be the place for him. He was willing to do whatever it would take to make this place his own and accommodate guests, the entertaining he loves to do, and his laid-back lifestyle. 
When John isn't in Laurel, he spends his time in beautiful Belize in Central America. The lure of small town life has always been something that he has loved because he did so much traveling in his lifetime. Now as a retired vet, he is excited to have two different spaces that will give him the maximum amount of enjoyable retirement life, while still finding time for adventures here and there.
"My life has been and is incredible. Always been lucky. My pop spent 30 years in the United States Air Force. During the first 18 years of my life we moved 7 times, so I still have the itch. Pop was incredible. He taught me a lot about life, right, wrong, and truth!"
John's main focus is to live out his best days here in Laurel, in his home "loving it" and staying poolside as much as possible. We're really glad you're in the neighborhood, John! Let us know when the patio is ready for visitors.