The Pryor House

Welcome to the neighborhood, Michelle! 
Back to back brand new episodes of Home Town feels like we just got two brand new neighbors all over again. We couldn't wait to share the Pryor house with all of you! 
"I am originally from Jackson, MS. My grandparents are from Laurel and my family moved back here when I was seven years old. I graduated high school from Northeast Jones High School, where I have been teaching for the last 10 years. I enjoy Laurel's downtown area and I love the sense of "family" that a small town offers. I believe Laurel does "family" well. This is home for me."
For Michelle, being in Laurel was never a question. Her grandparents are from here and when she was seven she and her family moved back here. Michelle teaches in Laurel at a local high school, and has always been in love with Laurel because of the incredible family atmosphere and beauty of its historic district. Michelle mentioned that her current neighbor is actually the woman who taught and certified her how to scuba dive in 1985. The small town feel and friendly faces are hard to beat! She has always lived in the country and in recent years felt the pull to move into the city, and since then has fallen in love with it all. 
Choosing a forever home for Michelle was difficult because she saw so many homes in Laurel that she adored but all in all she tells us that, "I always came back to this one. I love the location, back yard, and most of all, the windows in this home. I honestly think I chose this home because of the large, floor to ceiling windows that open the house up to the beautiful backyard." Also including finishing out the large living space at the back of the house was a top priority for Michelle and incorporating her love for the ocean and all things water into the aesthetic. Michelle has a large family with four children and loves to entertain and host gatherings all throughout the year. Having a space that she could proudly host in was such a large part of her goals for this home. 
Michelle is a long time educator and has no plans of stopping that career anytime soon. Michelle has a passion for the education system as well as the revitalization of Laurel. Staying in Laurel and planting roots here, meant that she is able to continue to do the work that she does by continuing to provide young adults with her passion of both community and education. 
"I have a strong passion for community and school. I believe when the two coexist, the future is bright for young adults and the community/town will be thriving with involved, passionate citizens that will be proud of the own they call home."
Thank you Michelle, from the bottom of our hearts for believing in this place and continuing to be one that will advocate for this beautiful city in so many different ways. 
We can't wait to watch you make a difference for many years to come! 
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