The Yeager House

Welcome back to the neighborhood, Jena! 

 Jena Yeager is a lively, driven 21-year-old who has a huge heart for the community of Laurel. Don’t let her age fool you, she’s been through a lot and had the utmost motivation to see her beloved childhood home in Laurel restored. Jena’s dad raised her here in this home and she has been “waiting to move back in since the moment she moved out.” This was a special place where her father raised her as a single parent, and making it home again as soon as she was able was the priority. Bringing this home back to life was so much more than putting up new dry wall and coating it with fresh paint. It was about bringing a daughter back to a place where her most vivid memories of her father are and breathing new life into a place that held such a special place in her heart. 

"This is not just a house to me, it is a home. It is the place that holds the memories of a lost loved one, while also giving me a chance to create so many new memories within its walls."

 Jena shares, 

"Small town living for me is all about community, and Laurel is overflowing with it. Laurel is filled with the most kind and genuine people I have ever met, giving it that small town charm, but also has a historical vibrance that cannot be beat. I have traveled to forty eight states and eight countries and have never found a place quite like Laurel Mississippi." 

There are so many beautiful attributes to the Yeager home, emotionally as well as physically. Some of Jena's favorite features of the home are its gorgeous tall ceilings that make a statement the moment you walk in and the two fireplaces, original to the house. There is so much history here that makes it a home, but it doesn't hurt that it also has incredible features.

Oil painting is a big part of Jena's life and having a space to be able to work on this hobby has been a large goal of hers from the very beginning of starting the renovation. The "front room" as Jena refers to it, wasn't always closed in. It used to be a porch/sun room that held some great memories for her. Restoring it to its original state was extremely important. Music is also a large part of her life along with her boyfriend Hugh's. They both felt very strongly about incorporating their love of old records and vinyls into their home. We love the custom build that Ben was able to weave into their entryway that showcases their shared love of all things old and all things music. 

Jena is still a full time college student at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, but she emphasizes that she couldn't wait to get out of her dorm room there and move back into her house in Laurel. Traveling and exploring new places is a massive part of her life but coming back home is what she loves the most. Moving back to Laurel after over a decade, has her excited about what the future holds. 

As Jena states, 

"It has seen over 100 years of Laurel's history and I want to make sure it is in the shape to see 100 more."

We're so glad you're back Jena! Thanks for choosing to love this home and to see it restored to its former glory. 


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