The Day Before I Knew Ben

The day before I knew Ben was 14 years ago: December 6, 2014.

"It was unseasonably warm that day, and I missed the way the heater smelled when it kicked on in my dorm. I was a sophomore in college. I was 19 years old. On that day, we didn't know we would someday be married -- sharing a last name and a queen size bed. The day before you met The One, they were just someone with their own life, their own separate story, and a plan that did not include you. And then, everything changes." 

I first wrote this in my journal from 2010, after being together for 6 years. This is what I know about staying in love: it's very easy as along as you both remember how it felt in the beginning. If you can always remember how electric it felt the first time your arms touched on the console of your friend's Honda Civic, boredom and arguments won't have a place to grow.