The Joy of Chopping: How Our Butcher Blocks Are Designed For Your Kitchen

The only thing southerners like more than eating delicious food is sharing how it's made. Erin's coveted Roasted Tomato Bisque is her favorite fix during the cold, blistering months. Aly's stuffed shells are the go-to recipe for baby showers and neighbors under the weather. Emily is allergic to shrimp and still suffers through making the BBQ shrimp recipe, because it's the only recipe that satisfies all four of her children. Mallorie's Jambalaya is a favorite tradition passed down from generation to generation, and Miss Dot's Pound Cake has changed the small world of Home Town and cake lovers alike.

There's something about sharing a delicious, sweet, and savory meal with others from beginning to end. Perhaps in a world with so many differences, it's nice to gather around a kitchen counter to create and taste something joyful together. Apart from the sentimentality of cooking, there's the practical aspect that is rarely listed under ingredients and measurements. Every real southerner knows the secret behind every jubilant meal is having the right tools.

Maple Butcher Block

 Sharp knives, salt, butter, deep mixing bowls, that wrinkled receipt with your grandmother's recipe on the back, and most importantly, a solid cutting board.

After using many cheap butcher blocks over the years, we decided it was time to create one that we actually want to use— made right here in the US and versatile in size to meet every need.

That's why we created three butcher block sizes in four different wood species—Red Oak, Cherry, Walnut, and Maple.

Maple Butcher Block

Emily Nowell says, "The small butcher block is perfect for cutting that summer tomato to make the best sandwich. It's also sized right for a block of cheese to sit out for guests to nibble on while steaks are on the grill."


Red Oak Butcher Block

Erin Napier says, "The medium is my favorite butcher block that I use every day. I need to be able to chop an onion and bell pepper on one board, then easily tote it to the sink for a rinse off." 

(Emily says this is her favorite and most versatile option, too!)


Cherry Butcher Block

Emily says, "You bring out the large butcher block for the special family gatherings. It makes a beautiful charcuterie board for a large group and can display a carved Turkey as a centerpiece of your holiday table."

You can't go wrong with any of these sizes, and you can rest easy knowing they're approved by some talented southern cooks in the kitchen.