The Guays

On Monday night, we had a pleasure of meeting our international neighbors and newest Laurel locals. Peggy and Patrick are a lively couple who have a strong connection and love for small town America – all the way from Canada! Their journey begins as many do for those who are searching for the true heart of the southern culture. The Guays decided to visit Laurel, since it is the most up-and-coming hub for shops and eats and the leader of small town revitalization. With the growth of AirBnbs that offer a real local experience, they had many historic homes to choose from to settle into for a couple of days. Peggy says,

 “Our AirBnb host, Bonnie, was the most gracious. We felt like were home from the moment we drove into Laurel.”


Peggy grew up in a small, Canadian town outside and she fondly remembers how quiet and close the community was. She longed for it once more as she and Patrick live in the suburbs outside Montreal in an apartment. They decided to visit Laurel and found their forever home with its genuine, southern charm. Patrick claimed,

“It’s hard to believe that small towns like this are real. Everybody is so genuinely helpful.”



With an abundance of styles and homes to choose from, their search for a Southern cottage was short-lived with Erin and Ben’s help.

 Now you can find Peggy and Patrick traveling back and forth from their home in Canada to their little cottage nestled in the trees. They can’t wait to rest in their forever home town away from home.

 Peggy encourages people to travel and leave the comfort of their home to experience all that Laurel has to offer.

 “Laurel is such an artsy town with the best southern food. The people are unmatched and the music scene tops it off. We can’t wait to get back there as much as we can.”

 We’re beyond proud to have them as neighbors. Welcome Peggy and Patrick!


 Here’s your chance to visit Laurel:

Join us at the HGTV Home Town Finale Party on Monday, APRIL 8, 2019 with Erin and Ben and the whole LMCo. crew.

 Stay tuned for more information!