The Candle That Hits Close To Home: The Helen Candle

Our LMCo. Candles are the best-selling (and best-smelling) products that we offer, but they're particularly significant to Erin. Many do not know that Erin has a peculiar gift for curating scents that represent the best memories and places in her lifetime. 

Erin says, "I've had particularly strong attachments to scents and their correlations with memories my entire life. My mama can attest to this—my obsession with smell goods started at a really young age and my childhood and adolescent bathtub at home always had about 6 kinds of bubble baths, 5 shower gels, 3 shampoos, 3 conditioners, and 2 face washes at any given time." 

Although she has designed over 20+ scents in the last five years (and multiple releasing in Summer 2022), we are showcasing a scent close to Erin's heart, the Helen candle. 

She explains, “While I’m getting ready for work in the mornings, Helen takes a bath beside me in bubbles up to her neck, splashing her mermaid toys through the foam. When she’s done she climbs up to my perfume cabinet always looking for the same square glass bottle and asks if I will spray her one time with it, and I oblige. After her pancakes and berries at breakfast, and a bottle for Mae, we’re out the door and getting our goodbye kisses on the porch. Her little arms cling around me so tight and I bury my face into her neck and breathe her in. Wild berries and bubble bath, and the tiniest bit of jasmine: that’s what will always remind me of my oldest baby.”

If you haven't had the pleasure of burning this one, don't wait another minute. It's available for a limited time only! 

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