The Hogues

Just walking distance from Magnolia Street, parked alongside the Scotsman General Store is a blue and white food truck with a delicious aroma seeping from its open windows. With The 5000 painted boldly on its panels, people passing by cannot help but stop and smell what is happening in the little food truck. Inside you’ll find a couple taking orders and asking about your day. After one bite, a first-time visitor or frequent customer knows this little food truck is full of life and flavor and we all have the creative hands that made it to thank. 

Bill and Julie Hogue, last night’s home owners on HGTV Home Town, are the newest addition to Laurel and we couldn’t be more proud to have them (and their abundant family!) With their high spirited and adventurous outlook on life, they’ve decided to dig their roots deep and take a more pro-active approach to their new life in Laurel.


Bill says, “When we decided we wanted to move, we wanted something different… It was time to reinvent ourselves as husband and wife, instead of mom and dad.

When we moved here, we were bringing businesses, we’re going to get involved with the community. We want to be a part of everything.”



Julie says, “When we bought the food truck, it was more of a hobby. When we lived in Arizona, we opened it up a few hours a day. It has become a very viable business for us– more so than we could have ever imagined!

It’s because everyone around us is so supportive.

It’s not seen as competition or outsiders coming in to take away business. I think It also helps when you offer a product that people like.”



To say the locals like their food is an understatement. Aly Smith, Home Town home owner from season two and LMCo. general manager, says, “I truly don’t know what I ate before The 5000.” (She recommends the fish tacos.)

 While the Hogues have lived on the plains of Arizona and the northern border towns of Portland and Seattle, their quest to find a place to lay down roots became more apparent after they raised four kids and adopted their last six children.


Bill explains, “We ended up picking five cities, four different states. Laurel was the third one we visited and I came in with an exit plan.

I kept thinking… I’ll give it 24 hours, and then we’re heading straight to New Orleans or Nashville…. When we got here, the deal was sealed.”

 Since their first visit, Julie and Bill visited four different times before they decided to move to their forever hometown.


 He continues, “We’ve learned a lot over the last 30 years about putting ourselves out there.

I feel that you will get much more back when you put everything you’ve got into what is right in front of you.”

The Hogues have certainly given this community all they have and their investment is returning tenfold. Their food truck The 5000 has a steady ebb-and-flow of traffic next to the Scotsman General Store on Spec Wilson Road. You can find Julie taking orders with her sons and daughters and Bill cooking in the back.

Their journey is just beginning in Downtown Laurel, but it feels (and tastes) like it’s going to be a good one.


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