The Hometown Look: Setting a Simple, Beautiful Table

Even though we all can't have Erin Napier styling and decorating our homes, we can learn a lot of tricks and tips for creating a space that instantly feels like home that's full of unique charm just by watching HGTV's Home Town. 

And there's no better place to start than the table. Whether it's an eat-in kitchen, a formal dining room, or an island with barstool seating, taking the extra step to decorate and set the table for everyday use will create a little extra home magic for you every time you walk past. 

Plus, as an added bonus you'll always be ready to receive guests. 

Ben and Erin Napier in one of their dining room reveals


Here are 3 steps to achieve the signature Home Town look on your table: 

1. Layer Your Dishes

Ben and Erin Napier designed dining room from Home Town
Jade Fiesta Ware at Laurel Mercantile

To achieve that signature Home Town look, it's all about creating layers, especially when it comes to your dishes. 

Start with a charger made from natural materials like wood or rattan. Then, stack your dinner plates from largest to smallest with the bowl resting on top. 

When it comes to selecting dishes to display, choose a dish pattern that reflects your personality. We're partial to these deep green, Jade pieces for something different and eye-catching. 

Your grandmother's china would also make a great choice. 

2. Use Simple Glassware

Kitchen Designed by Ben and Erin Napier of HGTV's Home Town
American Made Glasses at Laurel Mercantile

Pair statement dishes with simple glassware. You might not want to break out your fine china drinking glasses for everyday use, so pick something sturdy that won't tip over easily and won't distract from your other table elements. 

We suggest something like these Heavy Base Cooler Glasses for a classic look. 

3. Create Texture with Linens

Ben and Erin Napier Setting A Table

Choose simple table runners that don't overwhelm the table. Neutral runners bring comfortable simplicity to your tablescape. 

And when it comes to cloth napkins, get creative with where you place them. You can fold them length wise and put them in between the stacked dishes, rest them under the dishes or beside the place setting, or roll them in a decorative napkin ring.

4. Finish With Something Fresh and Natural 

Dining room styled by Erin Napier

The finishing touch to achieve the Home Town look is to add a large vessel or a grouping of small vessels with natural elements like flowers, plants, branches, or fruit. 

Choose a large patterned bowl or planter, a vase, a pitcher, or small terracotta pots to set in the middle of the table and fill it with branches, plants or flowers from your own backyard. 

Getting the Home Town Look for your table isn't about going over-the-top with decor pieces or even adding every single dish or piece of silverware that's a part of your collection.

It's about letting the pieces that are special and meaningful to you shine through in a way that invites you to sit and enjoy your meal without fuss or distraction.

Above all, the Home Town Look is about creating spacing that you love that are unique to you! 

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