The Keith House

Keith family, welcome to the neighborhood!

The Keiths are a family that you meet and just instantly want to be friends with forever. They have warm, kind, and genuine personalities so we knew that working on their forever home, we had to give the space those same attributes in the best way that we could. Giving the living spaces a cozy yet bright and inviting vibe was priority, but also creating an atmosphere in the kitchen that would be comfortable and easily accommodate all of their family and friends, that will often visit,  became a must. We may be biased, but just LOOK at that kitchen, y'all! 


When Tiffany first moved to Laurel, MS it wasn't in the best of circumstances. Her late mother had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and Tiffany quit her job to move here to be with her for what would be the last few months of her life. After her mother passed, Tiffany and Jonathan had fallen so in love with the community of Laurel that they decided to stay here and now they've bought their forever home. A place that will house generations of their family to come. How incredible is that?! 

"Living in a small town is so important and provides a community that you cannot receive in a big city."


Tiffany loves any shade of blue, as you'll see this was a huge pattern throughout the space that was recreated. Anyone else just about to completely die over those built-ins? The statement that they make when you walk into this room is completely jaw dropping. Plus, styling them is so much fun. 


Tiffany and Jonathan love time with family, and hosting their local community so they bought this home knowing that they had room to grow their family, welcome their people in, and fit everyone comfortably. I'm seeing so many great gatherings in this home and we couldn't be more excited for them... Or more jealous, because this dining room is stunning. Seriously speechless over how gorgeous it turned out. 

 "I think our story is unique because we only moved down here originally to take care of my mother who had stage four cancer, but we fell in love with Laurel, and we decided to stay because of how amazing the community was and my mother’s church was when my mother was suffering with end-stage cancer. We have family that lives in Laurel, and we want to become a huge part of this community."

The way you ended up here was certainly less than ideal, but the way that you committed to this community and chose to stay and make it your forever home, a place your mother loved, is truly inspiring. What a great way to keep a piece of her with you for all of time. Welcome home, Keith family. We are so so so glad that you're here. 



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