Home Town, Season Three: The Kollar House

When the Kollar’s decided to move to Laurel, it was their 12th move to date. Matt and Rebecca have always enjoyed the spontaneity and newness of moving from coast to coast. Never quite settling down and looking for the next opportunity to experience something new— until they found a small Mississippi town that changed everything.


 Married for 17 years, the Kollars have moved all over the country. 


Matt shares, “We’ve been from coast to coast. From North Carolina to San Diego, California and everywhere in between.”


Rebecca and Matt have lived a diverse timeline, in which they moved to California to become a Registered Nurse and then moved back to their hometown area of Toledo, Ohio and Temperance, Michigan area. 


Rebecca says, “When we moved home, we ultimately decided we both wanted to pursue medical school.”


After attending Roth Medical School for two years, Michigan was the move again, then Chattanooga for residency and then Jackson, Tennessee.


The Kollars have made the entire U.S. their hometown in some ways and they don’t regret it, but something inside has always yearned for a place to settle down— but also grow. 


Matt says, “When I was working one year in Jackson, I got a phone call at work and this person from Laurel, Mississippi called and said we had to visit. We came down here and were amazed. Everyone is so nice. There were so many young professional families here.”



Rebecca says confidently, “We knew right away. On our drive back to Tennessee, we both knew.” 


Since then, Laurel has been their latest and most promising move. The Kollar’s have settled in and made a community of professional and friends amongst the downtown family.


“We love eating downtown at Pearl’s, Lee’s and Shug’s. Another reason we love this place so much is that we love to be outside and it’s beautiful weather almost all the time here. Having lived in Michigan, you can’t go outside five months out of the year.”


Now they can enjoy the public parks like Gardiner Park and Mason park year round. 



“We never ever thought we would live in a small town, but there’s definitely perks. Everyone knows everyone. You can get anywhere in town in five minutes.”


With their vast experience and wide array of hometowns across the United States, we trust the Kollar’s for experts so there must be something special about this little town for them to call it their hometown.




“Laurel is the real thing, and we’re glad to be here.”


We’re proud to have Rebecca and Matt in the neighborhood as well. Welcome Kollar Family!