The Lantern House: Erin's New Children's Book

On pre-sale now & in-stores everywhere May 2022!

"Imagine a house’s early days as a home: A young family builds a picket fence and plants flowers in its yard, children climb the magnolia tree and play the piano in the living room, and there is music inside the house for many happy years. But what will happen when its windows grow dark, the paint starts to crumble, and its boards creak in the winter wind? The Lantern House dreams of a family who will love it again… and one day, a new story will emerge from within its walls.

My favorite books from childhood were The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton and The House on East 88th Street by Bernard Waber. The dreamy, whimsical imperfections of the hand-drawn and painted artwork and architecture inspired me then and continue even now as I design homes for a living on Home Town. 

 @AdamTrest, was the only person I would trust to give this house its face, its personality. Our creative partnership goes back over a decade and after dozens of collaborations together for personal and professional projects alike, I feel that my words and his art are the potion that will bring the house to life for young readers in vivid, whimsical color.

The Lantern House is a return to classic children’s literature with the timeless story of a house as an ever-present member of the family, a watcher and keeper of the people who love and live within it.  #TheLanternHouse @littlebrownyoungreaders" — Erin Napier

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