The Locks

We’ve all heard the expression "what a small world." Since Home Town premiered we’ve discovered truly how small this world really is. We've had the opportunity to meet so many extraordinary people from places across the world, and somehow complete strangers end up feeling like family. We are extraordinarily grateful for Home Town for many reasons, but specifically because it connects us to folks like the Locks.

Back in February of this year, Jim Rasberry was in Little Rock, Arkansas for a business trip with Rasberry Financial. Tom and Vicki Lock, a couple that lives in Hot Springs, Arkansas were also in Little Rock with some friends for a surgery that Vicki had scheduled. It was the day before Vicki's surgery and they decided they'd spend some time walking around the city. The men found themselves stopping in a restaurant to grab a drink while the women shopped. Tom recalls noticing a man sitting alone a few seats down from them, so he leaned over and asked the man if he was from around here. Jim explained that we has from Mississippi, and he was there for business. Jim asked Tom the same question and Tom got the opportunity to share with Jim how he and his wife, Vicki, live in Hot Springs, but were here because Vicki had been diagnosed with a brain tumor and she would be having brain surgery tomorrow. Tom said:

"I remember being shocked by what Jim said next. He immediately asked if he could pray for Vicki and our family. I probably sat there a little stunned because I was so shocked by what he had just asked, but I said well sure! So there we were, sitting at a bar with a man that had no idea who we were, and he was praying with us for my wife. After that, the conversation continued, and I remember Jim asking if we were HGTV fans. I said are you kidding? My wife goes to bed watching HGTV and wakes up watching HGTV! He then asked if we had ever seen Home Town. I immediately knew what show he was talking about. My wife is a huge fan of that show! What I didn’t know is that Jim is cousins with Erin, one of the hosts of the show, and that Jim also had been featured on several episodes. What he said next, I’ll never forget. He insisted that he get the cast together to pray for Vicki and our family in hopes of putting a smile on Vicki’s face. He immediately made a phone call to, well I don’t even know who it was, but I could hear him saying: 

'I need you to get everyone together because in thirty minutes we are all going to video chat with a lady here in Arkansas and pray for her because she is having brain surgery tomorrow.’

About that time, Vicki called and said they were ready to go. Once Jim realized that was her, he got the waiters attention, said he needed his check and to put our drinks on his check. He had not even taken a bite of his food. He said this was important and insisted that we do this. So there we went. We got in our cars and met up with Vicki. We made introductions and there in the middle of this large store, Jim got out his phone and seconds later there were five familiar faces on the other end. We gathered around and the cast of Home Town prayed again for us. Jim has kept in touch since Vicki’s surgery."

Vicki had a successful surgery and her doctors were able to remove all but one brain tumor. She has  had a remarkable and miraculous recovery. 

"On July 8th we made a surprise trip to Laurel. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Jim in person for everything that he had done. I have never met someone like Jim and I know that he will always have a special place in our lives. When we arrived to Laurel, Jim proved, yet again, how remarkable he is. We found ourselves in his office with the entire cast of Home Town.”

Tom and Vicki Lock made a commitment to live each day to its full extent and to rest in knowing that God is in control. We were incredibly inspired by Tom and Vicki and their story and the positivity that radiated from both of them. We were honored to meet the Locks and we know that we have made new friends that will forever be a part of our lives. We ask that you all join us in continuing to pray for the Locks.