The Register House

Many folks have a longing to leave the place where they grew up, but home always has a way of calling them back. The same is true for this week’s Home Town homeowner, Rena Register. 

Rena grew up in Laurel where her grandparents and great grandparents were both prominent in the community, laying a foundation for their family to have a wonderful life in the City Beautiful. Rena shared, 

“My Maternal grandparents have a long history of work in this small town. My grandfather worked at Harper Transfer and Moving Company that was once established in Laurel. He then went on to work at Masonite and House Implement, both well known companies in our town. . My grandmother worked for years at the Reliance building that is now the home of Hedrick’s Jeeps and Harleys. My Paternal grandfather (who is 96 and still living) worked his entire career at Masonite until he retired. This allowed my grandmother to stay at home and raise 3 children and take care of the home.” 

We’ve found that it’s often encouraged that, at some point in our lives, it’s best to leave the comfort of our family and hometown to experience newness and to establish our own roots and Rena did just that. After Rena graduated college, she moved to Washington State where she began her career serving in ministry. She quickly fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and all of the newness it had to offer and found great joy in knowing that the Lord was laying a foundation for her life in ministry. Rena was there for 7 years before moving home, which came with its own set of challenges. She shared, 

"When I moved home most of my friends were married with children, or had moved away to pursue their careers in other parts of Mississippi or another state. I felt like I was starting life all over again. Most people view me as a strong, independent woman, but secretly it was lonely and hard adjusting back to life in a small town. After being here for a while I found comfort in the simplest things like: small town coffee shops, music being played on a staircase (at the Lees Coffee shop) by local musicians, a smile from a stranger, and best of all when someone would hold the door open for me at the post office which was pure southern hospitality at its finest.” 

The City Beautiful is boasting with creativity and entrepreneurs and it didn’t take long for Rena to adjust back to small town living and invest in her hometown. Rena’s heart is full for furry friends and she quickly realized that there was a need for house and pet sitting here in Laurel thus began, Rena’s House and Pet Sitting Service. 

“I love my House and Pet Sitting Business so much. It daily brings a GREAT amount of joy to my life as I get to care for the most amazing fur babies this town has to offer. I also love the relationships that I’ve built with my clients too. Many of them have adopted me into their family and even become very close friends. I love the warmth that each house brings that visit daily and then the bonus is being greeted by a fur baby. Many of the houses that I visit are the beautiful historic homes of Laurel. I often think to myself, “If these walls could talk… I’d listen”. I love the history and the unique beauty that each one holds. And as the Hometown Pet Sitter, I want my people to know that I give careful attention to both their home and their pets. I provide each with exceptional care and give clients peace of mind while they are away. Our town can rest soundly knowing that their home is in good care and that their pets are comfortable in their own environment. I’m thankful daily for this business and its success.” 

Rena’s drive in entrepreneurship didn’t end there. She was encouraged by other local makers and doers investing in this community, which lead her to pursue the launching of her now business Jones Bones- a homemade dog treat business that is both healthy and delicious for dogs. She shared, 

“Jones Bones started out of my need to create and do something new. I was excited about what was happening in our town and small businesses were popping up all around and I wanted to be a part of that.” 

Jones Bones Treats now fill local shops and veterinarian clinics here in Laurel and just like her businesses, Rena is sure to be spotted almost around every corner of the City Beautiful. She truly has re-adopted the city that raised her and now, we couldn’t imagine it without her here! 

Last night, we eagerly watched as Erin and Ben welcomed Rena Register into to her first home- the home that once belonged to her great-grandmother and holds countless memories of her childhood. 

“My first home means that a past dream of mine came true and that a piece of family history will live on for generations to come. That little house always held a special place in my heart and as I grew up and it grew old, I was sad to see it fading away. The fact that The Little House was my great grandmother’s home made my desire to save it even stronger.”

There’s no place like home and we are so thankful to be welcoming Rena back to the neighborhood!

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