The Starr House

Welcome home, Starr family! Sandy and Jack Starr have raised their children and are ready to start sweet retirement in the home of their dreams. This beautiful historic home is filled with 100 years of history and a wrap around porch that will make your jaw drop instantly. We are so glad you guys decided to migrate south, but the real question is when are we invited over to sit a spell on that incredible porch?
The Starr home was built in or around 1900, there is no specific documentation to know for sure. What we do know is that the same family occupied the home all of this time. Can you imagine if these walls could talk? We could probably guess that they would have some incredible stories to tell. Now the Starr family will be able to add to this story by bringing it back to life. 

When looking for a space to call home, as they neared retirement, Jack and Sandy lovingly speak about this property and the peacefulness and sense of privacy that it would provide for them. 

"We didn't choose this house-it chose us. The neighborhood met all our criteria: no nearby chicken farms, not in a pine forest, and lots of privacy. We could not resist."

One major stand out feature for them was the beautiful porch and oak trees that surround the home. We agree, Sandy, they are both absolutely stunning! 

 Although there weren't many features in the original structure of the home that could be saved inside, the fireplace in the main living room was and what a difference it made! Keeping some pieces of the homes history was important to Jack and Sandy and this little detail, was a huge deal for them. 

Sandy and Jack, we know that you fell in love with Laurel the moment that you drove into it for the first time and we just want to say that we love you back! You guys are incredible and we are so happy that you are our new neighbors. 


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