The Phillips-Stein House

Rhonda and her husband Jay are making their way back to Mississippi and we couldn't more excited! 

After most of her lifetime traveling, working and living in many other places from Phoenix to Florida and others in between, Rhonda is coming back home! She grew up in a town very close to Laurel and has family here that she is so thrilled to be coming back to at this time in her life, as she is moving towards retirement and begins re-wiring to focus on community development work and writing. As a university professor, coming home to a space that was warm, inviting and relaxing was such an important factor for Rhonda and her family. The outcome of this incredibly beautiful 1925 craftsman cottage was just that. 

"Our family needs the connection to these roots while at the same time, we desire to be in an environment that is special. Laurel offers that combination of small town living feel with amenities, especially around arts and culture. Given the historic downtown and residential districts, it sets itself apart from other places. We have lived in a variety of towns and cities throughout the years and are seeking what Laurel offers - a unique and special place to finally call home."

Rhonda knew that keeping as much of the original wood inside the home was really significant to her, because it was one of the main reasons she first fell in love with the house. National historic preservation is something that both she and her husband are passionate about and have taught as professors. Both are even members of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, so I mean they are ALL in on historic living! How amazing is that? 

We imagine that this kitchen will see many nights of yummy family recipes and laughs while everyone is hanging out enjoying the openness and the inviting atmosphere.  "My next phase of life is to focus on writing and working in community development, helping make a difference in quality of life for others. Laurel and its revitalization provide the perfect setting for this! I have worked in and visited many towns and cities both in the US and globally and Laurel feels like it will be home to me and my family."

We most definitely think that you've come to the right place and we know that so many beautiful memories and new work will come from this space. Welcome home! 


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