When Life Gives You Lemons, You Make A Candle

This summer, Erin is introducing her famous Lemon Icebox Pie scent in the new Garden Candle collection. While the smell is delectable, the process behind it makes its aroma even more special. If you're new around here, each scent is based on one of Erin's "scent memories." (Yes, scent memories are a thing!) Her taste and memories of summer picnics played a big part in this particular fragrance. 

In the neighbors yard is a tree filled with lemons drooping perfectly from every branch. It’s the brightest summer greeting and invitation to pick a few and head to the kitchen to celebrate and make something special— Lemon Icebox Pie.

Erin says, "You can get a lemon to grow in Mississippi, and it's exciting when you see a fully ripe, ready to pick lemon on your tree. The best part is that you can squeeze the juice to make a very simple lemon icebox pie. It's not a complicated dessert."

"When you bring the lemon icebox pie out to the picnic or to the swimming pool, every little kid is there for it— and the grownups, too. This candle smells like the ultimate summer desert."

Snag a Lemon Icebox Pie candle and enjoy the smell of homemade whipped cream and Meyer lemon. Even the hottest days of the summer couldn’t melt that bitter sweet taste and feeling away.

View the Lemon Icebox Pie Collection here! 

P.S. — Pairs well with the Lemon Icebox Pie Hand Soap and Room Spray.