The Story of Pear Cake

This summer, Erin is reintroducing her beloved Pear Cake scent in the new Garden candle collection. While the smell is delectable, the story behind it makes its aroma more special. If you're new around here, each scent is based on one of Erin's "scent memories." (Yes, scent memories are a thing!) Her best friend, Mallorie Rasberry, inspired this particular fragrance. 

Erin recalls, "In the spring of 2013, Mallorie and Jim were expecting their first baby, Lucy. After lunch at my grandmother's one Sunday, Mallorie stood on the screened porch with her hand on her growing belly, staring at the pear tree in the yard.

"Tiny white blossoms had sprouted on the limbs the week before. When the pears are ripe, Lucy will be here, she said. My eyes watered at the thought of my best friend and cousin’s brand new daughter finally in our arms— the first baby in our family since me."

"The day Lucy was born, I plucked three pears from the tree and baked my mama’s famous pear cake recipe. The cake sat waiting on Mallorie and Jim’s kitchen counter when they brought Lucy home."



Now you can enjoy the scent of sweet caramel icing and orchard pears all summer long with Erin's Pear Cake candle, room spray and hand soap. 

View the Pear Cake Collection here!