The Artist Behind It All

If you’ve been around long enough to remember when Make Something Good Today was Erin’s daily journal, then you probably know that Erin is an artist in more ways than one. From her and Ben’s first stationery business, Lucky Luxe, to her current role as co-host and design expert on Home Town, Erin has proven that raw talent and courage are the perfect combinations to creating a beautiful life — and a beautiful home!

What you don’t often see on television (besides her gorgeous house paintings) is her gift for creating collections of artwork that make a space — until now! You can make your home feel like a Home Town house with Erin's collection of artwork sold in-store and online at Laurel Mercantile. While this is just a sneak peek of what's available, you can shop her entire collection here!

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"I used to paint with my mom when I was very young, and it gave me a lot of pleasure to paint until I found my true love: graphic design. The computer became my primary tool instead of a brush. Now I only paint when the mood strikes and a still-life or figure inspires me." — Erin


Erin painting Saturday Morning.


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“At Ole Miss, my fine-arts education kicked into high gear when I began courses such as advanced graphic design, typography, printmaking, and advertising design — but most surprising to me was how much I enjoyed figure drawing."


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"I became so much more confident in my sketching and journaling as I learned the curvature of the human spine and proportionate sizes of features on the human head. Ben even stepped in one ay as the (fully clothed) figure model when the usual model couldn’t make it while Ben was waiting for me outside my class. He became known as an honorary art student since he was always in the department with me after hours.” Erin, from an excerpt of Make Something Good Today

Erin's sketch of Ben.


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