This One Takes The Cake

Some things you didn’t know: 
1. @sweetsomethingsbakery_ makes THE best king cake I’ve ever tasted and I have tasted a lot. The brioche isn’t dry like the others I’ve had—and the strawberry filling is made with real strawberries instead of the weird fake gel. It is the best. You need one. 
2. I love king cake so much, Ben has Sweet Somethings make them for my birthday (way out of season in August), and incidentally we got one Mother’s Day weekend 2017 to take to my parents for Mother’s Day lunch. We found out I was expecting that very morning, and we told them the news and cried and yelled and hugged and had lunch, and I got my piece of the cake... And I got the baby!
3. If you get the baby they say it’s good luck, but you also have to buy the cake the next year. 
4. I’ve only been to Mardi Gras once but I’m all in on the cake.