Traveling with Helen

We’ve had Helen on the road traveling for 2 weeks solid now and are on the last leg headed home. I’ve been shocked by what a great little traveler she’s been, and how she’s adapted to resting her head in a different place almost every night.

We are working hard to keep books and toys and music in her hands instead of screens because we see how addicted we are as adults. So far, so good, even if we are on borrowed time before she realizes her friends are all tech savvy and she’s a little pioneer woman.

I love to see her learn at the dinner table, in restaurants, to ask her questions about the world around her, to hear her name the foods she eats and wave “hello” to art on the walls of animals or people, to hear her say “nanny” for plantains and bananas, to hear her ask, “milk?” as we travel down the interstate, hidden behind us in her carseat and her tiny little hand searching for mine that will give her the sippy cup. All this to say, aren’t babies just absolute miracles?