Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day 2007, Parrish Baker Pub, Oxford, MS. 2 years after our first Valentine’s Day when he surprised me at my parents’ house with breakfast for supper: 20 pieces of raisin toast, 10 grilled cheeses, a carton of scrambled eggs. Just for the two of us. Because he knew how much I loved breakfast for supper on cold days and wanted to be sure I had all I wanted. 11 years before he had Chicago deep dish shipped to our house last year when Helen was a month old so we could do something out of the ordinary even if we were home with a newborn and he made me the turned leg coffee table I’ve always wanted. 12 years before today, which, incidentally, finds us in Chicago having deep dish pizza again. I love that he knows food is the way to my heart, but most of all—I love everything about ❤️