Home Town, Season Three: The Saxtons

Home Town is back on HGTV, and we are thrilled! This season features 13 all new families and homes in beautiful Laurel, Mississippi. We can already tell that season 3 is going to be the best yet, so we’re going to post recaps of every episode!

Not to mention, there are lots of Lott Furniture Co. pieces featured! That means you can shop the look you see on your TV and get your home looking like Erin and Ben designed it! 

On this last episode of Home Town, we got to see Ben and Jonathan drive an RC car, a curious tunnel system under a home, and the design of a perfect Dutch door.

The Saxton family‘s wishlist included a traditional home with an outdoor space and room to grow in. We got all of that in this episode and plenty more! Spoiler: this has our favorite patio to date.

Grant and Emily just moved to Laurel, and are both part of the medical community! Grant is a pediatrician, and Emily is a nurse. The budget we’re working with this week: $260,000

Let’s do this!


Our first stop of real estate day is the Smallwood home! Built in 1942 and featuring 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and 3,300 square feet of room, it’s listed at $170,000! (And if you ask us, we think that’s pretty amazing.)

Traditional? Check. Brick? Check. Good amount of room and great price? Double Check.

Really all the exterior needs is a big clean up.

As we move inside, we find some crazy beautiful floors and a great condition overall for the interior. We had some great built-ins and historic details, but it would definitely require some major work on the layout.

The best thing though, was the secret garden. Or that’s what they were calling it!

In the middle of the house, there’s a hidden courtyard that had us all swooning. When we saw that, we were already wanting the Smallwood House for ourselves.

(And, the reno would cost $250,000. $10,000 under budget!)


Our second stop is the Ward House! Built in 1967 and featuring 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and 3,900 square feet, it’s listed at $158,000! Even more house for less money!

Traditional? Check. Brick? Check. Good amount of room and great price? Double check.

So far, we’re at a similar standpoint from the first house. The only major differences so far before we go inside are the clean exterior and the price.

Moving inside…

As soon as we get in there, we realized why it was less expensive. Someone had already started demo! All the flooring was missing in the front rooms, and the hallway was already pretty torn up. (Don’t get us wrong though, we can tell how beautiful it used to be…and could be!)

This reno would cost $242,000 and would be less expensive than the first option!


The Saxtons ended up picking our personal favorite, the Smallwood Home! After a very interesting reno complete with a custom dutch door, navigating strange tunnels under the house, and literally building a huge hallway from scratch, the Smallwood Home became the Saxton Home.

Our favorite space: Like we said earlier, we love that courtyard. After they strung lights that matched the style of ours Downtown and added a custom grilling station, it became so magical.

We also sure do love the living room, because it features a Lott Furniture Co. sectional! If you’re looking for the same one or something similar, we can order it for you today!

Welcome to the community, Saxtons! We think you fit right in.

-Keri Rowell, Lott Furniture Co.

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