The Saxtons

In the past year or so, our store and families have experienced many changes. We’ve expanded and added the Scotsman General Store, enjoyed another season of HGTV Home Town, and even added family members –– Helen Napier and Irene Nowell.

This feels like the year of growth. Much like our little business on 414 Front Street, our city is growing and gaining the best neighbors and physicians in the medical community.

 On tonight’s episode of HGTV Home Town, we all got to meet and fall in love with Laurel’s newest neighbors, Grant and Emily Saxton­­–– and their sweet pup, Luna!

 Erin and Ben were excited to transform this house for the young Saxton couple. Much like Erin and Ben’s own story began in Laurel, the Saxtons were looking for a place to lay down roots. Somewhere they could grow in a thriving medical community, as Grant is Laurel’s newest and youngest pediatrician and Emily is a nurse at South Central Regional Hospital and part-time Pure Barre instructor at the Wellness Center.

 Emily and Grant met at Mississippi College, which is a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from their hometown of Madison, Mississippi. Coincidentally,  they grew up in the same community but never knew of each other. Emily says,

“We didn’t know each other growing up, even though we were close in proximity, but we met in college. We were really good friends and then one day, we started dating.”

 After they finished their education and residency at Vanderbilt pediatrics, they were faced with another season of change once again.

Grant says,

“We really loved Nashville, but both of our families are in the metro Mississippi area. It’s about a six-hour drive which is totally doable but not the best to travel frequently, once we start a family.”

 As they were looking for places to settle into, there was something about Laurel that stood out to them.

 Emily says,

“It’s just neat to walk around downtown and feel all the energy and see young people out in all of these stores and starting businesses. The town gives so much support and it’s unbelievable.”

While Laurel is definitely a lot smaller than Nashville, there was just as much opportunity here for the two young professionals.

 Grant says,

“I’ve been excited to be a part of the medical community here. There’s a lot to be said, for a town this size, to be bringing in this many young professionals, for sure.”

 Just in the past two to three years, Laurel has grown in a young professional community and Grant and Emily hope to bring excellence in their practice and profession.

 Grant says,

“It’s an honor to treat and take care of children –– they’re the best! I hope we are reassuring moms and dads and instilling confidence and trust that there are young professionals that are smart, talented, and care deeply about their children here in Laurel.” 

Grant and Emily hope to inspire other young professionals to move to Laurel and bring more young momentum to the medical community. They’re also hoping to bring some energy and push others to get outside, be active and use the public parks for gathering together.

 No wonder Erin and Ben were so excited to help the Saxton family settle in –– so much of the young, vibrancy, and newness that Grant and Emily are experiencing is similar to how Erin and Ben felt when they began their grand adventure after moving back to Laurel to college.

 Needless to say, Grant and Emily inspire us to keep moving forward and to work with excellence as they do in the medical community. Our little town is growing and we each have the honor to play a small part in that growth.

We’re thankful to have the Saxtons who are dedicated to making the future generations of Laurel healthier and better.