This is Why

Why do we do this?  Now, this could be viewed as some big existential question, but in this instance, I literally mean, “Why are Erin and I doing what we do?” We’re asked this question all the time. Our answer has always been something along the lines of shining a positive light on our town and our state. When our social media manager, Lindsay, reached out to me about writing for the premiere of Home... Read More

Wintry Motherhood Diaries

In the heart of winter, I sit here in our little old house on our quiet street feeling thankful for the warmth of the heater and the laughter of my three sons and their father coming from down the hall and the living room.  I'll admit I snuck away from them, just now, to write and escape the wildness for a few minutes. It's an opportunity I don't always get because my husband travels so... Read More

More than Machines for Living: The Priceless Design Lessons of a Small Southern Town

Like many people in my profession, literally for as long as I can remember I knew that architecture was a path that I would follow.  Also like so many of those people, I have always felt that it was not me who chose architecture, rather it was architecture that chose me.  It was more than a childhood love of crayons and markers, Lincoln Logs and Legos (although that love was most definitely there!); for me, there was always a persistent passion for houses, specifically... Read More

#2,925 The End. For a little while.

I started this journal and called it Make Something Good Today, as a resolution to count only the good things of every single day in an effort to assuage the worry and anxiety that came with leaving my day job and the first day of starting my own business, a letterpress wedding stationery shop called Lucky Luxe, on January 1, 2010. I was afraid of what was in front of me with so much uncertainty... Read More

#2,524 The Wedding Video.

Recently I was trying to remember certain details of our wedding day that have become hazy over the years but I couldn’t find our wedding video saved on any of my hard drives. It was maddening and I began to wonder if they were lost forever.  Today I was working at my studio and digging through a junk drawer for a USB cable and there it was… A CD with the wedding videos on it. I hit play and... Read More

#2,523 Nesting.

People tell me that because I vacuumed and washed the slipcovers today, I’m dangerously close to having the baby but I think I still have plenty of time. I’m just being productive. And I got everything on my list today at the dollar store without fighting the crowds which is a major win! Also, it’s been fun remembering my 9 most popular photos of the year and what they meant to me. Based on this,... Read More

#2,522 Nursery Progress.

We are finally making a room for her about two seconds before she’s born. We’re still awaiting the chambray and oak wingback glider and are framing antique botanicals for a gallery wall above her white oak crib, but I’m really excited to make a nursery that doesn’t feel like a nursery, but instead another chapter in the book of our house.  They’re only babies for a minute and I think it’s okay to... Read More

#2,521 Registered + Fireside Chat.

For the first time ever, I wrote our daughter’s name on an official document when we pre-registered her with the pediatrician today. Who even knew that was such a thing? Making sure they get a good pediatrician before they’re even born?! And then later, while the Blackledges are still in town and while the winter weather is keeping us bundled and close to every heat source we can find, we went to... Read More

#2,520 Quiet Day at Home.

We got the sad news a couple days ago that the stomach virus was making the rounds with Ben’s family up in north Mississippi, and so we decided to play it safe for Helen and stay home for a few more days before  making the trip up for Christmas. It was frigid cold and rainy though, the very best kind of day to find refuge at home, where we got some work done and shared a perfect winter day. I’m... Read More

#2,519 Christmas.

It was our last quiet Christmas morning, just the two of us. The most special gifts Ben gave me this year were a journal: That had a letter to me and a letter to Helen written on the inside that completely crushed me. His kindness and love are so precious to me, I’ve read his words to our daughter and to me as we start the journey of being parents together about 100 times today. And in my... Read More