Heirloom Scotsman Hatchet And Cover


  • Sanded and lacquered leather grip is attractive and durable
  • 14 inches long
  • 1-piece forged metal head and handle for strength
  • 3-1/4 in. tempered cutting edge for easy chopping
  • Perfectly balanced for optimal swing action and true strikes
  • Sheath included for user safety and tool protection
  • Includes blade cover
  • Proudly Made in Rockford, Illinois

Ben’s daddy raised his boys to respect tools. They could use anything from his shop, as long as they put it back. We knew we wanted to sell our own version, co-branded with Scotsman Co. and Estwing, with a leather handle and Scotsman blue washers. We hope you will use this hatchet wisely, respect it and pass it down for generations to come. 

Pairs well with our Heirloom Estwing Hammer.

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