Travelers in Search of Vacancy

Travelers in Search of Vacancy

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  • Author: Karen Rasberry
  • Printed in the U.S.A.
  • Print length: 222 pages
  • Non-fiction

Travelers in Search of Vacancy is a nostalgic, often hilarious, picnic table set with life experiences and discovery while family, home and friends serve as the centerpiece. The book gains its title from the author’s account of vacationing with her extended family in 1960s Florida and is one of 50 favorite short stories from the local newspaper based in the quaintly sophisticated city of Laurel, Mississippi. If you are a son or a daughter of the South or a Baby Boomer who longs to be transported to a simpler time and place, travelers will resonate and carry you on a sentimental journey down the back roads of your memory. With her Southern voice and brilliant descriptions, the author has an artist’s gift of painting pictures with words that convey the spirit of an inimitable era, the eternal value of family ties and the unique traditions and shared recollections of growing up Southern in the ’60s.

"This book is written by my mama, and the story about Elvis gets me every time. It’s my favorite, hands down." — Erin

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