#1,024 Found.

Saturday morning I realized my sunglasses were nowhere to be found. I searched under every cushion, in every cabinet and drawer, the fridge, the freezer, the dryer, the trash, the cranny between the seats and console in the car, my mama’s cabinets and drawers… I looked everywhere.

Today, as I was on the phone with Papa John’s (making dinner), out in the cool weather on the porch, I happened to sit on the back edge of the porch, behind the dinner table. I happened to look down. I happened to spot my sunglasses lying in the flowerbed behind the porch.
And then I remembered! After walking the dogs Friday evening, I had hooked the sunglasses on my shirt collar. Baker trotted off into the flowerbed straight for the timer that controls the landscape lights. He looked distinctly like he needed to relieve himself. I quickly ran and scooted him out of there, apparently losing the sunglasses in the shuffle. 
So glad I didn’t blow money on another pair. Something told me they’d turn up.
Isn’t it great finding something that was lost?