#1,025 Porch Talks.

Today started out sort of rotten, but by the end of the work day I was feeling infinitely better about things. I went to the grocery store and found that the Martha Stewart issue featuring our postcards is finally on newsstands.

This is the most direct feature they’ve ever given Lucky Luxe, and I’m so flattered. I’m so thankful for any publicity, especially in this rough economy.

When I got home, Ben was reading and working on his Bible lesson for tonight’s supper club (which was so much fun—Tracy and Kandace, if you’re reading this, I’m so glad you were there!) and he wanted to tell me all about it while I ate my lunch at 5 pm. He told me about what he’d been reading regarding Jesus’s plans for his disciples and how they had their own agendas, which he discouraged. How everyone has their own agenda for every action in life, and we should pray for clear headedness and discernment because of that. Especially with the presidential election coming up in a few weeks. We sat on the porch for a long time, talking about this. He told me, “this is the reason I wanted this house. To sit right here on this porch on days like this.” I got a chill as the wind picked up a little.

It’s really going to be cold out soon. Tonight we had supper club outside and I was so cold when we got home. My hands and feet were frozen. We lit the fire and were comfortable in the living room in our jeans and socks.

Did you know Christmas is only 83 days away?