#1,027 Holiday Errands.

We can’t be like normal people who plan for the holidays when the holidays arrive. No, we do it all summer and fall long! Several weeks ago, we bought a sign that says ‘Christmas’ at the Salvage Market in Jackson. Since we were already making a quick trip today to place the order for the pumpkin patch, we swung by there to pick it up since it was too big to bring with us on the last trip.

They’re closed during the week, but they were sweet enough to let us look around while we were there.

The next stop was our new pumpkin wholesaler to place the order for the church pumpkin patch that’s opening on October 17. We got to walk through the old farmer’s market in downtown Jackson and choose all the sizes and varieties we wanted. We can already tell this is going to be such a better experience than our past supplier!

Look at the mini whites!! Ahhhhh, precious!

Then we were starving for something good and Jacksonish so we went a few blocks over to the Mayflower Cafe, Jim’s favorite restaurant in the whole wide world. Since he’s leaving for Las Vegas tonight to celebrate his birthday with his best friends from high school, we won’t see him ON the big day. So we celebrated for him!

And because our very old and fragile Christmas sign was strapped to the roof with nothing holding it together except a thin plastic tarp and a little masking tape, we made a quick stop at Target to pick up some duct tape before the long trip back to Laurel.

And something really crazy happened. We were looking at these cute retro-inspired coffee mugs when a girl said, “I’m sorry—Are you Erin?”

Her name is Savannah, a fellow graphic designer and Lucky Luxe fan who recognized us from this blog. Isn’t the world smaller when things like this happen? She was so so darling and we quickly discovered we have lots of mutual friends. She was sort of shy and embarrassed about mentioning she reads this boring mess, and I was totally psyched to take my picture with her. Savannah, if you’re reading this, you made my week!