#1,031 Cozy Day.

The air was so chilly today. Chilly and windy and the most perfect kind of fall weather you could ask for in Mississippi in early October. I’m sad to report I missed much of it, inside with another sick spell with my stomach, but once I saw my doctor everything turned around.

She gave me a new medicine that made me feel better within minutes and I fully realize the importance of having good, compassionate doctors because of her. Many doctors feel like they’re running you through as quickly as possible, uncaringly, but my doctor, Rhonda, wouldn’t let me leave and wouldn’t stop talking to me until I felt well again. I was afraid I was wasting her time, but she honestly cares enough about her patients to be with them until she fixes the problem. Anyway, I’m thanking God for her today. I got home, and mama was pulling in right behind us to check on me. Mamas make everything better, don’t they?

And look at how beautiful the lantanas are lately! They’ve turned our front yard and sidewalk into a butterfly garden. They can’t resist those tiny bright blooms.

I think the dogs can tell there’s something different about the weather today, too. They never stopped playing and rolling and running around every square inch of our yard. We joined them.

Then we went to Dirt Cheap in search of a wig for Ben’s Halloween costume. Success:

And Jim finally came home from Vegas and we had a catch up dinner at Sweet Peppers, but I forgot to take a picture. Because I’m so very sleepy and tired.

I laid down on the couch by the fire and fell asleep instantly.

Then I realized I hadn’t yet filled you dear readers in on my incredibly boring life in the last 24 hours. I’m sleeptyping these words, basically. I hope your day was cozy and fallish, too.