#1,031 Flat Print.

This was one of the absolute busiest days of my life, ever. As soon as I finished one proof, there were 5 emails to answer, and as soon as I answered them, I would do another proof, then I remembered a website glitch that needed to be fixed, then 10 more emails and so forth. But the best thing about all this productivity (besides the perfect tired feeling you have when 11 pm rolls around) is the fact that I’m finally doing it and pricing out flat printing for Lucky Luxe. As you’ve surely noticed, I’m on a business overhaul kick taking advantage of the slow economy that’s finally impacting the wedding industry. Since people are cutting back their wedding budgets these days, I’ll be offering flat printing before long so budget-minded brides can still have good design.

I didn’t make it home from work until 8:00, but when I got here I found a big crock pot of vegetable beef soup and a grilled cheese (for me) that Ben made since it’s turned cold outside and cozy inside.
It’s his specialty and I’ve never felt more thankful to come home to hot a meal after a very long day. He was so busy with pumpkin patch and fall retreat planning that we didn’t see each other at all today, so dumping every vegetable in the world in the crock pot was the answer to starvation.

After dinner, I got to work writing the pricing strings for every item we’ll offer in flat print.

If it looks complicated, it is.

But this is going to be a very good thing. I just know it.