#1,042 Major Home Improvement.

The clock is ticking! In a few short days a magazine will be sending the unbelievably talented Jean Allsopp to our house to photograph it for a 12-page magazine feature. We’re going to be in high gear this week preparing, and today we accomplished one of the longest lists ever. After opening up the pumpkin patch, it was:

1. Pressure wash the house. All of it.

2. Wash the Beetle (remove neighborhood cat hair from convertible top. Gross.)

3. Weed flower beds.

4. Mulch flower beds.

4. Blow leaves out of carport and driveway.
5. Pressure wash porch and porch furniture.
6. After porch dries, put furniture and rugs back.
7. Plant kale in kitchen window box and clay pot for porch.
8. Clean muddy water off the floor around every window from pressure washing.
9. Weedeat backyard.
10. Blow leaves off back patio and shop porch.
11. Play with bored dogs.
12. Feel sad because they’re so big, their running and playing kills all the grass in the backyard.
13. Get over it because they shake hands and are sweet.
14. Go to the Antique Mall to make a borrowing list. That was like Christmas.
15. Close pumpkin patch.
16. Wash every towel we own because they are soaked in muddy window water.
17. Clean laundry room floors where mud and grass were tracked in.
18. Finally arrange all of our dinnerware I made in pottery at Ole Miss in the butler’s pantry.
19. Collapse.