#1,041 Lunch on the Porch.

Mrs. Judi, a former youth mama and director of Laurel Main Street, stopped by the shop today and said she’d like to eat lunch with me and Ben. The restaurants are all good downtown, but with weather like this I couldn’t stand to go indoors for a meal that could be better enjoyed on our porch. She and Ben picked up BBQ but because I am very classy I wanted to eat salad with my all-time favorite Olive Garden brand dressing sold in bulk from Sam’s Club. And to class it up even more, I enjoyed it with a bowl of Sam’s Club tomato basil bisque, also sold in bulk.

When you find something good, it’s best to buy 50 gallon drums of it.

The wind was so blustery today, making the trees woosh and sway until they sounded like the ocean. The leaves are taking over my yard so that the green is losing to the red and brown. It’s the best time of year, without a doubt.