#1,091 Girls + Goulet.

It’s Goulet Day! 8 years ago today, our college yearbook did a feature story on Ben and we spent the entire day hanging out. The photo files say we took these pictures at 2:10 pm. I like knowing the details like that, as if time travel is possible if you can remember every last detail. Which is funny, considering the movie we watched tonight.

Ben was gone before I woke this morning, but I found a notecard on his stationery waiting by the bedside when I woke up. He wrote me a note, instructing me to hit play on Pandora to hear songs from 2004 while I got ready for my date day with mama. She and I decided today would be a good girls’ shopping day trip and Ben spent it in Newton visiting his parents for his dad’s birthday.

First stop, Academy Sports with a list from daddy of all the ammunition he needs for all his guns (to apparently last the rest of his life—you know, end times are coming and what not). We were totally clueless on the ammo aisle even with his very detailed list.

Fortunately, the sweetest boy on earth stopped and asked, “Ma’am, would you like me to help you find what you need?” And we gave him the list and he found every last thing. He explained to us the difference between ‘heavy load’ and ‘target load’ bullets and it had something to do with squirrels. He wasn’t more than 11 years old and sounded just like a little grown up. Obviously, he has awesome parents. Thanks so much, random boy in Academy!

Even better, I found Ben’s favorite Levi 527 jeans on sale and in his size at the store so I snatched them up. That’s a freak occurrence, folks. Great success.

Afterward we went to Honeybaked Ham, our forever and always girls’ date lunch spot and had the Classic Ham on croissant. Our favorite.

Everyone knows how great the whole hams are, but have you ever eaten lunch there? You ought to.

Then we went to the mall to find a cute top for mama to wear to the annual Burroughs Christmas party. We didn’t have any luck because everything was too casino sequiny or too long or too low cut or too… Just awful. She left feeling bummed, but I found a great dress marked down to $40 from $120 so I was pleased as punch. I know for a fact her closet is slam full of fabulous once-worn tops that will look great, but I get it. It’s fun to look for something new that makes you feel special for the night.

After a whole day of shopping we made it back to Laurel at sunset and before long Ben was home to celebrate. I was so excited to show him the jeans, and he was trying them on before he could even drop his keys.

I can tell I’m coming down with a cold so he made my favorite supper in the world—his famous grilled cheese and a bowl of Campbell’s chicken noodle. We brought our food to the living room to watch a sweet, quirky movie my cousin Kelsa highly recommended called Safety Not Guaranteed. It was totally cute and not too weird considering it’s an indie movie.

I hope you readers had a fantastic Saturday, too!