#1,102 Yard Work.

Christmas weather is not participating in Mississippi this December, but that’s okay. When Ben got home from an afternoon spent with some of the youth kids washing windows for a couple from our church, he and I raked the leaves and weeded the patio in the backyard in t-shirts and shorts. Today it was sunny, the high got to nearly 80 degrees and there was a blustery wind blowing that is supposedly going to bring a wicked storm while we’re sleeping in the morning. I hope it brings frost and requires that we turn the heat back on because we’re just about ready to skip winter and go straight to planting our spring flowerbeds.

Also, our friend Patrick told us about this neat personality test. Have you ever heard of it? The test determined that I am apparently an ENFJ and Ben is an ENFP. The descriptions are pretty spot-on and it’s fun to read. You ought to take the test if you’ve got a minute.