#1,103 Staff Party.

Every year someone different hosts the church staff Christmas party and since we got a new house we volunteered this year. Half the church staff was missing because of illness, but 6 of us had Ben’s delicious black kettle chili and played dirty Santa with It’s A Wonderful Life playing quietly in the background.

Ben got a Nerf gun and I got new ornament for the tree. Turns out shooting a Nerf gun is fun and I’m a jerk for calling Ben childish when he has Nerf wars with his brothers. It feels pretty great when those little foam bullets with the suction cup smack onto a glass window. It’s not much fun when you get one out of the Christmas tree limbs and discover that you’ve been overwatering it all this time and your presents are all totally soaked through the boxes. Thank goodness for the fire that’s been on, drying them out until they’re all good as new.

We missed the others tonight and I really hope they’re feeling better soon.