#1,104 Truck Shopping.

We’ve finally realized that Ben needs a truck and there’s no way around it. We’re borrowing Jim’s and Daddy’s every week for one thing or another—hauling hay and the manger for the Living Nativity at church, bringing reclaimed lumber to our house so Ben can build furniture, taking the dogs out to my parents to run wild for a little while—and that gets old fast. The Tahoe is best when it’s clean and comfortable for traveling, and currently it’s the workhorse, full of junk on its way to somewhere else. We want it to be our “nice” vehicle again, so today we test drove a couple of cool, vintage, inexpensive trucks and we picked one of them. Tomorrow we’re going to go check it out again to be sure, but can you guess which one is the winner?

Also, I got an advance copy of the premier issue of Flea Market Style Weddings in the mail today because Lucky Luxe is featured in it not once, or twice, but SIX TIMES. It’s a fantastic wedding magazine for the creative, vintage, offbeat bride and I’m completely flattered that they’re giving us so much free publicity. It’ll be on newsstands in January so you better pick one up!