#1,105 Clint + Parties.

Today was fantastic! One of those days I’ll always remember. I’m so tired I can’t coherently write words and phrases, so this will be a photo blog.

After breakfast at Jim and Mal’s, we drove to Wiggins to pick up the winning pickup. You see what I did there? We went with the blue 1962 C-10, which Ben has named Clint.

We met Sam and Lyn for lunch in Wiggins as they were headed up to Hattiesburg.

Sam has grown out a beard, and now they look like twinsies.

We got home and set to work sanding then painting the blue bumper and grill back the glossy white they would have been originally. It looks like a professional paint job!

Then Ben put the cool old Laurel car tag he found years ago on the front.

Nothing says “we’re proud of our vehicle” like taking pictures of it in the DG parking lot. Boom. 

Then we got gussied up to go to a couple of Christmas parties. The first, a cozy get together at Jim and Mallorie’s with Daniel, Joey, Sarah and Alex who are all home for the holiday. We’ve only just gotten to know Daniel and Joey in the last couple years but it feels like we’ve known them forever. Love these dudes!

 Ben’s chili cooking over the open fire in their dang kitchen. Can’t deal with my jealousy about this.

Around 8:30 we scooted over to the Harlow family’s big big BIG annual Christmas party and saw just about every single person we’ve ever known. Ever. We got to talking and forgot to take a photo until we were leaving way later than we should have.

And now we’re going to sleep it off because tomorrow morning is Christmas Sunday! Yay!