#1,106 Christmas Eve Eve Sunday.

It’s Christmas Sunday! I got to wear my plaid dress again and Mitter got a new wool jacket and red plaid tie for the occasion. I wish we had a picture in front of the gorgeous Chrismon tree in the sanctuary but it was crazy in there after the service. 

For Christmas, we gave the dogs 2 bales of nativity hay from the church. They were overwhelmed with gratitude. 

Then after a completely insane Christmas Eve Eve grocery store run, we went to mama’s to get busy making food for the party tomorrow night. We made enough chicken salad to feed a hundred people, pecan pies and cookies. She already has the rest under control and the Razzles are bringing lots of other food.

As it got late, everyone went out to Joey’s parents’ house in Sharon for a bonfire so we loaded up in our  new truck and listened to Otis Redding’s Christmas. It felt like we were on a date in 1962.

Daniel’s dad, the funniest man on earth, was there telling stories that made us laugh until we cried. Particularly, the incident of the vicious wayward rottweiler that attacked their little dog, Nilla, while Mr. George was pushmowing the yard in the 80s. He used the pushmower as a weapon, and the dog almost met a brutal demise. He then produced a bull whip from his car and cracked it at 11 pm to show us how he can break the sound barrier. Typical.

Sharon is close to Sandersville. Which puts it close to the Bok Homa Casino, home of Douwe Egberts, the world’s greatest coffee that’s available only for institutional sale. The men wanted a hot cup of Douwe and nothing else would do, so to the casino we went. There was no gambling, but there is a restaurant that has, not only Douwe Egberts on tap for FREE, but Doritos chili pie and gator sausage. Hello, fourth meal.

We all slept peacefully with hair smelling of cigarettes.